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David R McCabe, author of the ‘An Irish Lad’ series

Three books titled Pinkeens to Diddies, Brendan Afloat and Brendan Ashore.

David McCabe was born in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland in the 1940s. This was only eighteen years after the important declaration of independence from England and Ireland was still adjusting to its new found freedom. Davids family moved in 1944 ,from the city, to a large tumbledown cottage,with an orchard,a hen run,twenty large pine trees and a crippling mortgage of £1400. Father worked as a gas meter collecctor and mother as a housewife.David, with his two brothers went to grammar school in Dunlaoghaire.In 1956, upon leaving school,David found it difficcult to obtain work in Ireland, being a Protestant so he contacted companies in England and secured an apprenticeship with BP Tanker Co. Coming home in 1961 to sit his officers examinations a road accident curbed his sea going career. Returning to England he spent the greater part of his working life in sales reaching managerial positions and finally running his own company. Taking early retirement to care for his wife ,who died of cancer, David now lives in Formby ,near Liverpool with his new partner and is in close contactact wwith his children. Now in his seventies he spends his time writing books for the 'An Irish Lad'series,gives interviews on both English and Irish radio and entertaining talks on Irish history, specialising on the clan McCabe who were Scottish Mercaneries in the twelft and thirteenth centuries.

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David has written and had published both in soft cover and ebook three delightful books about a young Irish lad, Brendan Harris by name, born in nineteen forty in Ireland, where religion was a dominant part of Irish life. Brendan was born and raised a Protestant and how he and his family fared in these difficult times is described, in his first book, Pinkeens to Diddies in a gentle humorous vein.

Brendan, upon leaving school in the mid nineteen fifties, joined the Merchant Navy as an apprentice deck officer in the Calvex Tanker Company. In Brendan Afloat, his second book, David vividly describes Brendan busy traversing the world delivering oil to the many thirsty expanding countries. Unfortunately a career changing accident resulted in hospitalisation at the end of his apprenticeship. Book three covers Brendan’s progress in life after the accident as he sails to Liverpool to seek a new career.




The boyhood years of An Irish Lad growing up in Ireland in the nineteen forties.

What in the world is a Pinkeen? In Ireland a pinkeen or stickleback is a small fish with a pink underbelly found in ditches. Pinkeens to Diddies is a charming coming of age tale that delightfully tells the story of Brendan Harris whose boyhood passion for nature evolves into an adolescent awareness of Diddies – a symbol of female magnetism.

As Brendan awakens to the delights that surround him in his semi-rural village, he stumbles through confusion and embarrassment as he is introduced to some of life’s tough realities like social differences, sexual development and a mother whose good intentions often lead to disaster and humiliation. This book appeals to everyone who is interested in self-discovery and the perils and pleasures of growing up.

Brendon Afloat


The adventures of An Irish Lad in the Merchant Navy – Illustrated

Upon leaving school at seventeen years of age Brendan went to sea as an apprentice deck officer. Unfortunately when he returned home four years later ready to take his exams disaster struck. After a serious road accident he is hospitalised and left in a deep coma. His diary, kept over the years at sea becomes a must read for his nurses. In it Brendan describes his travels – from Cape Town to Philadelphia, from the extreme heat of the Persian gulf to the ice-laden skies of the Arctic Circle. The near miss in the East Indies where his ship was targeted by a warplane bomber.

As a young man Brendan also learns about the opposite sex and the delights and disappointments of growing up. Does his girl wait for him to return home and does he waken from his coma?

Brendan Ashore


Brendan now seeks his fortune in Liverpool, England.

In this the third book of the An Irish Lad series we follow Brendan as he takes up lodgings with a lonely landlady in Bootle, Liverpool. He gets a temporary job as a store man in a department store in the city, goes to watch Liverpool football club, goes dancing, meets girls and visits the now famous Cavern Club. With a surprising turn of events Brendan starts a new career and a new life.

Written in David’s relaxed humorous style Brendan Ashore offers an insight into life in the early nineteen sixties in the north of England – as seen through the eyes of An Irish Lad.

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